September 12, 2001

Business As Usual on Wednesday; Injury Report

The Saints held a normal practice today. 

The most important piece of news is about Pro Bowl DT La'Roi Glover, who missed practice today and will miss practice Thursday as well. Glover was weightlifting Wednesday morning when he experienced sharp pains in his neck and shoulders. Glover was taken to the hospital for extensive tests, all of which came back negative. Glover is fine now and was resting today. He is expected to return to practice on Friday and play on Sunday, should the games be played.

The injury report right now for the Saints reads as this: WR Michael Lewis (ankle) and LB Brian Williams (hamstring) are doubtful. LB Darrin Smith (ankle sprain) is questionable. MLB Charlie Clemons (quadriceps) is probable.

Practice went well today. Players said they initially had problems concentrating but the intense style and determination of the coaches kept them focused.

Ofcourse, there is still a question right now whether or not the NFL will hold games this weekend because of the terrorist attacks in New York and Virginia on Tuesday, September 11. When asked on whether or not the NFL should hold games this weekend, including games in New York and Washington, Jim Haslett replied, "Play."

Saints owner Tom Benson was on the phone with NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue most of the day. Numerous conference calls have been going on today and a decision is expected to be announced by the NFL Thursday morning.

Some feel the decision will be made by the White House, and the league has been talking with the Bush administration about safety issues. The league is also taking into consideration the fact that by Sunday, Major League Baseball is expected to resume play. Most of the SEC College Football conference is expected to play, including LSU vs. Auburn in Baton Rouge on Saturday. However, many college football games have been cancelled or rescheduled today especially in the PAC 10, ACC and Big East divisions.

WR Joe Horn spoke up today about the issue, saying that the decision is not up to the players, and if the league tells them to play, they will play. Horn insisted that the players really don't have a choice. Some NFL players have been vocal in the media.

Finally, we would like again to express our deep sympathy for the victims of Tuesday's cowardly terrorist attacks against the United States, and the families of the victims. Our prayers and best wishes go out to all those affected by the tragedies of September 11.

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