September 24, 2001

Monday's Practice

The Saints finally got back to work on Monday and were able to get some real work in. Real work in the sense of getting ready and game planning for a game that counts.

It is hard to believe that the Saints opened up this year over two months ago and have only played one game that counts in the standings... but who could ever have foreseen the tragic developments in New York and Washington?

Jim Haslett said after practice on Monday that his team worked well and as usual were sharp and crisp. All of the players except for linebacker DeShone Myles practiced and all should play Sunday against the Giants.

Haslett also said that the team probably benefited from not playing this past Sunday because they were able to sit back and watch the games go off without a hitch and know that the security was well handled.

About the only significant thing that happened at practice was tight end Cam Cleeland sporting a new Billy Idle look. For some reason it doesn't seem to fit Cleeland but none the less his hair is a bright shade of white. (left before, right after)

We are now back to full coverage of the team since they are back to full blown work, so keep it here for all the news and views of the 2001 New Orleans Saints.

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