March 22, 2002

Saints Trying Hard to Retain Johnson as Roaf's Future Still Uncertain

Kenny Wilkerson reports that as of Thursday night, the Packers have not made the signing of Pro Bowl defensive end Joe Johnson, and the Chiefs have not made an agreement with Willie Roaf regarding a new contract.

Randy Mueller and Johnson's agent Roosevelt Barnes were talking on Thursday about ways to keep Johnson in New Orleans.

The Packers have agreed to terms with Johnson but have not officially signed the start right defensive end.

Published reports of a falling out between the Saints and Barnes have been denied by the Saints.

Willie Roaf was due a $4 million salary bonus on Wednesday but has agreed to multiple delays of that payment in order to give his agent and the Chiefs more time to agree on a contract, the final piece of the trade puzzle.

The Chiefs have until midnight Monday to reach a contract with Roaf after another payment extension Thursday night. The Saints and Chiefs have agreed to terms of the trade, which reportedly is a 2003 conditional 3rd round pick.

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