April 7, 2002

Louisiana Prospects in the 2002 NFL Draft

Matthew Gambill of All-Pro Scouting Services takes a look at the state of Louisiana and its NFL draft prospects. Highlighted by a pair of possible first round picks and a host of late-round talent, Louisiana is well-represented. Gambill also provides scouting reports for the top 15 prospects in the state.

University Breakdown:

Louisiana State:

1. Josh Reed-WR-5104, 206-pounds, 4.53/40
2. Rohan Davey-QB-6017, 240-pounds, 4.74/40
3. Jarvis Green-DE-6030, 272, 4.66/40
4. Treverance Faulk-ILB-6025, 242, 4.68/40
5. Robert Royal-TE-6043, 252, 5.02/40
6. Howard Green-DT-6013, 321, 5.04/40
7. Ryan Clark-FS-5110, 192, 4.48/40
8. Dwayne Pierce-OG-6020, 319, 5.51/40
9. Walter Moreham-OLB-5116, 227, 4.78/40
10. Ed Dangerfield-WR-6024, 214, 4.52/40

Tulane P Casey Roussel

1. Patrick Ramsey-QB-6020, 226, 4.86/40
2. Casey Roussel-P-6016, 216
3. Terrell Harris-WR-5112, 193, 4.52/40
4. Chrys Bullock-OG-6031, 312


1. Robert Taylor-ILB-6021, 259, 4.94/40
2. Randy Hymes-QB/WR-6026, 210, 4.68/40
3. Calvin Spears-FS-6003, 196, 4.71/40
4. Andre Arnold-OLB/DE-6034, 244, 4.76/40
5. Levi Washington-WR-6001, 188, 4.61/40
6. Terrance Dukes-OLB-6014, 233, 4.80/40


1. Devin Lewis-WR-6020, 205, 4.48/40
2. Michael Landry-DE-6033, 268, 4.74/40
3. Terrance Levy-WR-6015, 194, 4.66/40
4. Richard Gant-FS-6023, 201, 4.57/40

Louisiana Tech:

1. Bobby Gray-SS-6001, 214, 4.67/40
2. Delwyn Daigre-WR-5104, 210, 4.71/40
3. Jamie Nichols-DT-6010, 304, 5.21/40
4. John Simon-RB-5091, 206, 4.63/40
5. Curtis Randall-OLB-6021, 233, 4.77/40


1. Kyries Hebert-FS-6022, 206, 4.64/40
2. Marcus Wilridge-WR-5105, 197, 4.55/40


1. Donald Malveaux-DT-6014, 296, 5.16/40

Northwestern State:

1. Craig Nall-QB-6023, 233, 4.96/40
2. Kendrick Llorens-CB-5101, 174, 4.56/40

Nicholls State:

1. Thurman Lewis-WR-6035, 217, 4.62/40
2. Seneca McMillan-CB-5104, 195, 4.53/40
LSU WR Josh Reed

Top 15 Louisiana Prospects:

1. Josh Reed-WR-Louisiana State
2. Patrick Ramsey-QB-Tulane
3. Rohan Davey-QB-Louisiana State
4. Trev Faulk-ILB-Louisiana State
5. Jarvis Green-DE-Louisiana State
6. Howard Green-DT-Louisiana State
7. Robert Royal-TE-Louisiana State
8. Devin Lewis-WR-Southern
9. Robert Taylor-ILB-Grambling
10. Bobby Gray-SS-Louisiana Tech
11. Ryan Clark-FS-Louisiana State
12. Randy Hymes-QB/WR-Grambling
13. Michael Landry-DE-Southern
14. Craig Nall-QB-Northwestern State
15. Kendrick Llorens-CB-Northwestern State

Keep Your Eye On:

1. Kyries Hebert-FS-Louisiana-Lafayette
2. Seneca McMillan-CB-Nicholls State
3. Andre Arnold-OLB/DE-Grambling

Scouting Reports:

1. Josh Reed-WR-Louisiana State: Possibly the most polished receiver in the 2002 draft and has only played WR for two seasons. Not the biggest or fastest player, but understands how to get open and has outstanding hands and body control. Gets a ton of YAC yards, which is his biggest asset. Would fit beautifully in a WCO and will likely be a first round pick. Won the Biletnikoff award as the nation's top receiver. Was 1st team All-SEC and just continues to get better.
Tulane QB Patrick Ramsey

2. Patrick Ramsey-QB-Tulane: Has seen has draft stock soar since his tremendous Senior Bowl effort. Showed up well at the combine and put together another solid showing for scouts at pro day a couple weeks ago. Might here his name called in the first round, but will surely be a top 50 pick. Has good size and a good arm. Played in a wide open system at Tulane, but arm is still in good shape. Can make the NFL type throws and should have a pretty good NFL career.

3. Rohan Davey-QB-Louisiana State: A natural leader who has done nothing but win at LSU over the past two years. Has been hampered by injuries, but is arguably one of the best QB's in LSU history. Led the Tigers to the SEC Championship, as well as a Sugar Bowl win against Illinois. Good size and a nice arm, but has a lot of wasted motion in delivery. Seems deliberate at times, but has great upper body strength and mobility. Needs to be in the right system to succeed at a high level.
LSU LB Trev Faulk

4. Trev Faulk-ILB-Louisiana State: Decided to forgo his senior year of eligibility, but will graduate in May with his degree. Loaded with talent, but has packed on 15-pounds and has lost a lot of his speed and quickness. A very smart player who gets all over the field and moves well laterally. Has great flexibility and hits with a ton of bricks. Is somewhat of a project, but has the tools and intelligence to be a very good NFL player.

5. Jarvis Green-DE-Louisiana State: Has been a steady performer throughout his career at LSU. Leaves with 21 career sacks and one of the most popular players in LSU history. One of the best athletes of all of the DE's in the 2002 draft and ran a 4.62 at one of LSU's pro day workouts. Very technically sound player who can rush the passer as well as play the run at a high level. Has drawn a lot of interest as a RDE at the next level and could bulk up into the 280-285 range. Ran that 4.62 at 274-pounds.

6. Howard Green-DT-Louisiana State: One of the best kept secrets in the entire draft. Green has gone from being a regular free agent to being a possible 5th/6th round pick. One of the strongest players on the Tiger team, he pumped out 29 reps of 225 at LSU's pro day. Ran a 5.01 and a 5.05 forty at 321-pounds and has shown the quickness and explosiveness off the ball teams love from a DT. Really came up big in the Tigers' final five games and has helped himself by impressing scouts over the past 3 months.

7. Robert Royal-TE-Louisiana State: Solid all-around TE who has seen his stock drop over the last 6 months. Came in as one of the highest rated TE's in the country, but has not played or worked out as well as many had hoped. Ran a pair of poor forties at the combine and then came to LSU's pro day and ran in the mid-high 4.9 range at 252-pounds. Not athletically gifted and has a "gangsta" mentality, but should get drafted on day two of the draft. Has excellent hands and is a good in-line blocker. Needs to get quicker and faster.

8. Devin Lewis-WR-Southern: Very big and fast receiver who really came up big when Michael Hayes went down for the Jags. Has the tools to really be good receiver, but mentally, he has a lot of work to do. An incredible athlete and great leaper, Lewis has really elevated his draft stock all year. Could get into the 5th-6th round area and become a team's 4th receiver, but has a lot of learning to do. Has a good upside, but needs to grow mentally.

9. Robert Taylor-ILB-Grambling: One of the best run stopping LB's in the draft. Has good size and strength, but lacks the top athleticism and speed for the position. Can get a little top heavy at times, but plays well at his weight. Great instincts and understands his position very well. Will get a lot of consideration in the late rounds from teams who are in need of a ILB and don't want to spend a lot of money to get a vet. Has some upside, but needs to get more flexible and quicker. Hits very hard and is a solid wrap up tackler.

10. Bobby Gray-SS-Louisiana Tech: Almost went pro after his junior season, but stayed in and now is considered to be a top 10-12 SS in the 2002 draft. Has good size and smarts, but isn't the fastest player. Makes up for his lack of speed with his football intelligence and hard play. Leading tackler on La. Tech's team, Gray possesses the instincts and natural talent to be a success at the NFL level. Will likely have to make name on special teams for a couple years, but I expect him to be a starter somewhere.

11. Ryan Clark-FS-Louisiana State: Smart player who has been one of the top tacklers on LSU's team over the past three years. 2nd team All-SEC performer, Clark recently ran a 4.48 at LSU's pro day and has started to see his stock climb again. Was thought to be too slow for the FS position after running in the 4.7-4.8 range in the spring, but now teams are looking at him in the later rounds again. Possesses great instincts and is an excellent tackler. Will be a special teams player and reserve DB at the next level, but should stick around for a few years.
Grambling QB Randy Hymes

12. Randy Hymes-QB/WR-Grambling: Tremendous athlete who I think could play QB at the next level. Most teams want him to make the move to WR, but this kid has one of the strongest arms in the country. Very mobile, elusive kid who has the physical tools to play QB, but would be a long term project. A team would have to patient for him to learn the system and proper technique, but the ability is there. Has the size for receiver or QB. Will likely be a free agent, but could make a practice quad and go to Europe to gain some experience.

13. Michael Landry-DE-Southern: Landry has recently just saw his stock really climb after he posted forty times of 4.68 and 4.74 at 268-pounds at Southern's workouts in March. Has great size and athleticism for position, but needs to work on his hand placement and technique. Has the strength and speed needed and would be a great player to teach. Is very coachable and wants to get better. Will be a free agent, but should get in a camp and could make some noise. A developmental player who will need time, but has the right tools to succeed.

14. Craig Nall-QB-Northwestern State: Transferred from LSU after being stuck behind Josh Booty and Rohan Davey for a few years. Has the size and arm strength to work with, but isn't mobile and makes some bad decisions at times. Threw for well over 2,000 yards as a senior, but hasn't gotten the exposure or recognition for the NFL he was hoping for. A prototypical pocket passer who has a lot of the same skills have Pat Ramsey at Tulane, but doesn't have the intangibles. Has a future in pro football, but not sure what level.

15. Kendrick Llorens-CB-Northwestern State: Good man/man cover corner who keeps getting better. Not the biggest kid in the world at 5-11, 164, but plays like he is 6'1", 200. A solid tackler who doesn't shy away from contact. Would be a nice nickel back in the NFL if he can get someone to take a chance. A top 30 CB prospect on my board, but doesn't seem to be on many radars across the league. Would be a dynamite special teams player.

Matthew Gambill created All-Pro Scouting Services, LLC after time spent in an NFL scouting department. Gambill has appeared on websites such as Houston Pro Football, Real Team, NFL Draft Blitz, Boomer's Draft Report, Draftbook, and in newspapers across the country.

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