June 19, 2002

Willie Jackson Still Unrestricted on the Open Market

WR Willie Jackson remains an unrestricted free agent, even though he was reportedly offered a two-year contract from the 49ers.

Jackson reportedly cited that he wanted to be the main go-to receiver on his new team, and that he would like to go to a team on the eastern side of the country. Jackson, a nine-year veteran out of Florida, could still end up in Washington where Steve Spurrier is the new coach of the Redskins. Otherwise, Jackson may continue to be unemployed into training camp.

The Saints apparently have no interest in signing Jackson, who is statistically one of the best receivers in Saints playoff history and caught 116 passes and 11 touchdowns in the past two regular seasons. Jackson did draw some criticism for giving up at times near the end of last season.

49ers WR JJ Stokes restructured his contract in late April and all but solidified his roster spot as the #2 receiver opposite Terrell Owens.

Had Jackson signed with the 49ers he would have joined his brother Terry Jackson, a runningback for San Francisco.

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