April 7, 2003

Saints Draft Class 2003

The Saints have the 17th and 18th overall picks in the NFL Draft, the 18th coming from the Miami Dolphins via the Ricky Williams trade. The Saints have four first day picks following the Tebucky Jones trade two weeks before the draft.

Both the New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins finished 9-7 and out of the playoffs this season, and the two teams had the lowest opponent's win percentage of the four non-playoff contending 9-7 teams. When teams have tied overall records, the tiebreaker is the win percentage of that season's opponents.

New Orleans opponents finished with a .498 win percentage, Miami opponents with .508. Two other 9-7 teams without playoff seeds are New England and Denver, whose opponents had percentages of .525 and .527.

The Saints send their 2003 4th and 7th round picks, and their 2004 fourth-round pick to New England for Tebucky Jones.

The Saints have Kansas City's third round pick via the Willie Roaf trade in addition to the second and third round picks the Saints already posses. The Bengals have the Saints' fourth round pick due to the pick up of running back Curtis Keaton. The Saints are still in possession of their fifth round pick, but the Vikings hold their sixth because of the trade for QB Todd Bouman. In addition to the seventh round pick the Saints already have, they received another from the Colts exchange for then-rookie running back, Ricky Williams, from Texas Tech.

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