April 27, 2003

Saints Trade Make Two Trades In Draft

The Saints moved up in the first hour of the NFL Draft, agreeing to a deal with the Arizona Cardinals. The Saints moved up from their positions in the late teens to acquire the Cardinal's sixth overall pick. With that selection, the Saints drafted DT Johnathan Sullivan from the University of Georgia.

The Cardinals received both of the Saints first round picks, the 17th and 18th overall. Arizona selected Penn State WR Bryant Johnson and Wake Forest DE Calvin Pace.

The Saints picked up an early fourth round pick, the first round of the second day, which they did not have, and also moved to the fifth pick in the second round.

Then on the second day, the Saints traded DT Norman Hand to the Seattle Seahawks for a 6th round pick, with they quickly used to take USC WR Kareem Kelly with the 202nd overall pick. The trade, which signals the Saints' displeasure with Norman Hand's weight problems and current salary number, but also the Saints' trust in 6th overall pick DT Johnathan Sullivan.

First Day:

Saints got: 6th overall pick (Georgia DT Johnathan Sullivan), 37th overall pick (Georgia T Jon Stinchcomb), 102nd overall pick (Florida State G Montrae Holland)
Cardinals got: 17th overall pick (Penn State WR Bryant Johnson), 18th overall pick (Wake Forest DE Calvin Pace), 54th overall pick (Florida State WR Anquan Boldin)

Second Day:

Saints got: 202nd overall pick, sixth round (USC WR Kareem Kelly)

Seahawks got: DT Norman Hand

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