August 4, 2003

Week One Training Camp Update

WWL 870AM and NOPF's Kenny Wilkerson reports on the first week of Training Camp.

As scrimmages go, Saturday in Lafayette will not be remebered as a night of high drama. All 4 quarterbacks had their chances to drive the offense and were unable to do so except for Tory Woodbury who came in and got the team close enough for a field goal. Oh boy .....pinch me I can't take anymore.

Woodbury took over midway through the 3rd and final drive of the night and actually looked pretty sharp. Several passes were flat out dropped but the thing that jumped out at you was that the throws were on the mark. Woodbury calls himself Hollywood but also knows that there already is a Hollywodd on this team . Of course that is Joe Horn who told me that he was very impressed with Woodbury and thinks the Saints may have found a gem. Horn was cautious to add that he likes what he has seen all the way around with the Saints but until they play a game that counts he has no idea what kind of team this is or how good they will be.

There is a general feeling amongst the entire team that they have a chance to be pretty good but after the collapse of last year you won't hear or see anybody go out on a limb.

After a week of work and a scrimmage, there have been several bright spots on this team and we have metioned them befeore. But for the purpose of a week one review here they are again.

Tebucky Jones is a big man that can run and will help the defense.

Ernie Conwell is a big man that can run and will help the tight end position.

Wayne Gandy is a big man that can run like a lineman and will help.

Darrin Smith is not ready to hand his job over to Ruff and wants to play all 3 downs.

Ruff came here to play and the battle shoud intensify in the next few weeks.

Jonathan Sullivan will be a player.

Grady Jackson is a player.

Dale Carter has been reborn.

Ashley Ambrose has gained a step not lost one.

Fred Thomas can feel Ambrose breathing down his neck and will get better.

Mel Mitchell is getting there.

Brooks' arm is a non isssue

Deuce is NOT and I repeat NOT overweight.

Terrelle Smith is as healthy as Mackie Shilstone and is ready to roll.

Jerry Fontenot is still the anchor of the line.

Bentley is having a quiet camp ....not bad just quiet.

In the coming weeks this team will hit several walls and the first REAL game will not come quick enough. However that is a thing all teams in the leagure go through as part of training camp. Of course time will tell on this group and things are shaping up very nicely. From a talent and team cohesion standpoint this group appears to be headed in the right direction.

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