August 10, 2004

The Center of Attention: Bentley ready to make transition from guard

For New Orleans Saints offensive lineman LeCharles Bentley,in a sense he is about to go back to school.

After being selected to the Pro Bowl in 2003 at guard, Bentley will return to the center position he played in college. He is ready for the challenge.

"Sure it (the center position) is different. It's more complicated and things happen faster but I'm ready. It's where I want to be."

Even though Bentley was inserted into the starting lineup for long time starter Jerry Fontenot the veteran center has been helpful to Bentley in making the transition.

"Jerry has been Tremoundous. He helps with the little things. He makes me a better player. He's the best teacher. How to read the line, safeties."

One important aspect Bentley is working hard on is getting a good rapore with Aaron Brooks because he knows fumbles won't be tolerated.

"It takes time. We have to get that worked out. He's used to his way. I'm used to my way. Got to work out the cinks. He's real tall and my college QB was short."

Brooks doesn't seem to think the switch from Fontenot to Bentley will be anything other than smooth.

" The organization brought him here to play center. So we know he has ability. Center is different from guard but he knows it. He made the Pro Bowl at guard. I know he's ready."

Kendall Jacox says Bentley progression has been fine and he's open to listening to veteran players which some guys aren't.

"He's coming along fine. He knows we're the work horses of the team. It's a learning process but he'll be fine. He wants to get better."

For Bentley even though the team comes first, he admits he would love to be the 10th player to be voted to the Pro Bowl at both guard and center.

"That sounds good. 10's a nice round number."

by Ralph Malbrough

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