January 9, 2007

Saints Tighten Up

WWL and NOPF's Kenny Wilkerson on the Saints before their playoff matchup

There is no doubt that there is pressure in the air at Saints camp this week. You feel it the minute you walk in the building and on the practice field. But I tell you what, there is just as much energy as there is pressure.

The key to this game without question will be how they handle the pressure Saturday night. Yes, the Eagles are hot and yes, they are a good team but they are not a better team then the Saints. The Eagles defense cannot stop the Saints offense. The only thing that can stop the Saints offense is the Saints.

Turnovers, penalties, dropped passes… those types of things would kill the Saints. But I have to believe that as much good fortune as has been bestowed upon the Saints this year, it will continue in this game. All things being equal, with both teams playing straight up and clean, Saints win.

Right now you can bet that Buddy is having a cup of coffee with the almighty and reminding him how much a win in this game could do for an entire city. What the Saints have done this year has already done wonderful things for New Orleans. A win this weekend? It is almost impossible to imagine the impact. So Buddy do your thing, and Saints players and coaches keep doing your thing.

Sean Payton says they are approaching this thing like any other game and they are, but I’ll tell you the energy out there on the practice field is incredible. Tuesday at practice the offensive line not only drove the blocking sled through the end zone they picked it up and flipped it. Folks the juices are flowing.

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