January 11, 2007

Wilkerson: Focus, Plain and Simple

You can break it down every which way, but Saturday night’s divisional game all about focus.

The team that shows the most discipline and execution will walk out of the dome the winner. Yes, this is pretty much the key to any game but in this case I am talking about it because if it is the Saints who play it clean without mistakes, they are the better team and will get the win.

The Eagles are coming in hot and winners of six straight. You probably have heard that a million times already this week. To that I say “hog wash”. They have won six straight because they have had to. They have had their backs against the wall and have been playing over their heads with Jeff Garcia since McNabb went down.

The Eagles have no earthly idea what kind of buzz saw they are about to run into on Saturday night.

They struggled last week against the Giants and they will struggle again this week. They may do some business when they have the ball but the Saints offense is ready to explode and there are way too many weapons for the Eagles to contain. They know it and the only chance they have is to hope the Saints are out of rhythm and make mistakes.

In other words- if the Saints aren’t focused. Sean Payton has kept their eye on the ball all year. They won’t lose sight this week.

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