April 28, 2007

Tennessee MLB Marvin Mitchell

Round Seven - Pick 220
Tennessee MLB Marvin Mitchell
6'3 - 235 - 4.95 - 22 years old

The first real questionable pick of this draft, and a guy that was arrested less than a year ago for disorderly conduct. The charges were eventually dropped after reaching a deal with prosecutors, but still Mitchell has a rep for being immature. We'll see how moving to the pro game changes him, but it seems without further information that the Saints have broken their high-character habit in the draft.

Mitchell is Robert Meachem's roomate, and it likely that the Saints have really done their homework on him. It may also help Meachem, and underclassmen, to have his teammate on board as well.

The Saints might have taken him this late to ensure having him in camp, knowing they were outbid on the undrafted market.

Mitchell is a big, strong player built for the inside linebacker position. He is a hard hitter and an intense player in the box, moving well between the tackles and filling gaps. But he's only a one year starter, does not have the speed to patrol the deep zone or chase to the perimeter. He's a two-down player at this, but still very raw and developmental project.

Injured a knee and missed the 2004 season, did not start much in 2005 but started the entire 2006 season. He was indefinitely suspended after his May 2006 arrest, but reinstated after charges were dismissed and when Phil Fulmer realized he had only a redshirt freshman behind him. He was named a team captain as well.

We were really thinking the Saints would go quarterback here, with some of the guys available Akron's Luke Getsy, Boise State's Jared Zabransky, Pitt's Tyler Palko and Central Missouri's Toby Korrodi. Possible that the Saints pick them up on the undrafted market.

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