January 3, 2008

Former Saint DT Tony Elliot Dies at 48

Former Saints DT Tony Elliot, who played seven years for the Saints from 1982-1988, died on New Year's Eve.

Elliot was found in his home in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where he attended high school before going to college at North Texas St. and drafted by the Saints in the fifth round of the 1982 draft.

The colorful Elliot, who overcame cocaine and marijuana addictions during his playing career, was shot by a suspected drug dealer in 2000 and has been paralyzed ever since. Active off the field, Elliot had been working with children's charities and funding a scholarship program for his high school in Bridgeport.

Elliot died of natural causes at the age of 48.

The NOPF staff extends our condolences to Elliot's family.

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