January 28, 2008

McMahon, Allen promoted from within

Assistants coaches Greg McMahon and Dennis Allen have been promoted to fill openings on the Saints' coaching staff.

2007 special teams coach John Bonamego has left the team to join the Dolphins, but the other opening was created by secondary coach Tom Hayes, not quarterbacks coach Pete Carmichael, Jr.

Carmichael, Jr. as reported over the weekend was linked to the Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator job. It is the second year in a row that Carmichael, Jr. was courted by the Dolphins, but the rising quarterbacks guru who has worked with Drew Brees in two cities now has apparently chosen to remain in New Orleans.

Corroborating Carmichael Jr.'s decision to stay is news that the Dolphins will move on to interview Falcons offensive coordinator Hue Jackson for the same position.

McMahon was Bonamego's assistant for the past two seasons in New Orleans. Like many coaches on Payton's opening staff in 2006, McMahon had no prior NFL coaching experience but brought his college-honed teaching skills to the team after 24 years coaching at eight different universities across the country.

Allen moves from assistant defensive line coach, where he worked under Marion Hobby for the past two seasons, into the secondary to replace Tom Hayes. Allen, a former Texas A&M four-year linebacker, had six years coaching in the college ranks before joining the Falcons as a defensive quality control coach from 2002 to 2005.

Bonamego's departure to Miami was announced on Saturday.

Hayes was ostensibly dismissed from his position as secondary coach after a dismal regression for the Saints pass defense in 2007. Hayes, 57, coached in the college ranks for 27 years and the NFL for five before joining the Saints in 2006. Hayes is a friend and former assistant under defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs, as Hayes was Gibbs' defensive coordiantor at Oklahoma for four years in the early 90s. Hayes' replacement is ostensibly a defeat for Gibbs in the front office.

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