January 11, 2008

New book details Bush's involvment with Lake

A new book claims that Saints runningback Reggie Bush, while an ameteur at Southern Cal, received up to $291,600.

The money was from from sports marketer Lloyd Lake, obstensibly to secure Bush as a client when he arrives in the NFL.

The money, in the form of cash, hotels and a vehicle, was given to Bush and his parents, who have denied the allegations. Potential penalties of the actions do not extend to Bush, his Heisman trophy or the Saints but to USC, as the Pac-10 and NCAA are investigating violations.

The FBI was also involved in investigation that the agents may have violated certain federal and California wiretap laws while recording conversations with Bush.

The new book, written by Don Yeager and Jim Henry, is titled "Tarnished Heisman," though the Heisman Trophy is awarded by an independent orgnaization with no purview over NCAA violations.

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