February 13, 2008

Packers Hire Saints' Negotiator Russ Ball

The man behind many of the Saints' biggest negotiations since 2001, Russ Ball, has been hired away from New Orleans by Green Bay.

The Packers organization lost its Vice President of Finance two weeks ago when Andrew Brandt resigned.

Ball had been with the Saints since 2001 as one of the organizations' top negotiators, next to Mickey Loomis, and the crafter of the team's salary cap situation. A former offensive linemen at Central Missouri State and a strength and conditioning coach, Ball moved into administration in the mid 1990s and has become one of the highest respected of his kind in the league.

The Saints have estimated more than $30 million in salary cap room entering the 2008 offseason.

The Packers announced the hiring of Ball on February 13, naming him their VP of Football Administration and Player Finance.

Ball previously worked with Packers head coach Mike McCarthy in New Orleans. Ball's position in Green Bay is ostensibly the same in Green Bay as it was in New Orleans; that is, serving under the team's general manager in an contracts and administration role.

The Packers also pursued similar candidates Brian Xanders in Atlanta and Samir Suleiman in St. Louis. Ball is considerably more experienced.

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