May 20, 2008

Saints DE Charles Grant Indicted

Bar fight in February claimed the innocent life of a pregnant bystander; Grant faces involuntary manslaughter charge

Saints DE Charles Grant will likely face suspension from the NFL commissioner's office after a grand jury today indicted him on a charge of involuntary manslaughter and misdemeanor fighting, stemming from a February bar fight in Dothan, Georgia.

The fight spilled outside into the night and a gunshot fired by another man struck and killed an innocent bystander, Korynda Reed. Reed was pregnant. 

Another man, Laquient Macklin, faces murder, feticide and aggravated assault charges. Macklin is believed to be Grant's bodyguard.

A third man, Woodrow Gray, faces assault charges when he attacked Grant.

Grant is one of seven who faces one charge of involuntary manslaughter. He was also indicted on one count of affray, a misdemeanor public fighting offense. The ten charge grand jury indictment names several people and levies more gun and assault charges.

Grant is coming off a lackluster season in which he played through an ankle injury. He signed a new seven year, $63 million contract 13 months ago.

If convicted, Grant faces a sentence of one to ten years if he is found to be complicit in the victim's death due to unlawful participation the fight. If Grant is found complicit in her death in the lawful act of self defense, he may face on misdemeanor sentencing. source: Georgia State Criminal Code.

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