August 31, 2008

Saints Announce Starting Members of Practice Squad: Skyler Green sticks around on practice squad; Palko noticably absent

The Saints have announced the first iteration of their practice squad; which includes six players, all released by the Saints after the preseason finale.

Linemen G Tim Duckworth, TE Buck Ortega and DE Josh Savage, rookie LB Jo-Lonn Dunbar and skill position players WR Skyler Green and RB Lynell Hamilton will form the first week's practice squad.

Noticably absent from the practice squad is a quarterback, namely QB Tyler Palko. This may not be a big deal, as the practice squad will change weekly, if not daily. Last year, the Saints constantly bounced Palko on and off the practice squad. They started the season with Palko off the 53-man roster, so that his salary would not be guaranteed for the season.

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