October 18, 2008

Special Teamer Copper Back On 53 After Strange Week

Copper cut on Tuesday, another receiver signed on Thursday, Copper re-signed on Saturday

Every week the Saints cut players and sign players as they shuffle the bottom few spots of the roster depending on injury requirements.

This week's transactions were more than routine.

On Tuesday, the Saints surprisingly cut wide receiver Terrance Copper, a fixture on special teams coverage teams since 2006 when he arrived from Dallas with head coach Sean Payton.

They cut Copper to make room for youngster DE Jeff Charleston, no better than the fourth defensive end on the roster behind Charles Grant, Will Smith, Bobby McCray.

The move was explained because the Saints have enjoyed the emergence of reserve defenders Jo-Lonn Dunbar and Usama Young on special teams. Loomis said they have great depth at the receiver position, especially with Marques Colston returning to health.

And then, two days later with Copper still on open market, the Saints signed another receiver, free agent Courtney Roby. Roby has special teams skill as well as a returner.

Why switch out a new face Roby off the street for a proven special teamer who has been with the team for two and a half years? It's not like Copper can't contribute as a receiver in spot duty either, he's caught five touchdowns in two seasons. The official Saints website calls him an "invaluable as a special teams performer and as productive component of the passing attack."

Four days later, the Saints reverse their odd decision and re-sign Terrance Copper. As a free agent, he drew the attention of multiple teams, including divisional rival Tampa Bay.

Copper was guaranteed his 2008 salary in being a veteran on the opening game active roster.

To make room, the Saints put backup DT Montavious Stanley on injured reserve. The Saints signed Stanley only 10 days ago, and Stanley played against the Raiders.

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