December 28, 2008

Vilma, Shockey trade updates at end of 2008 season

Jonathan Vilma participated in more than 85% of the Saints' 2008 defense snaps.

His trade from the Jets now includes a 2009 third-round pick going from New Orleans to New York, and a 2009 fourth-round pick going from New York to New Orleans.

That third round pick would upgrade to a second round pick if the Saints' foolishly sign him to a new contract before the start of free agency. The Saints will likely allow Vilma to become a free agent, with an agreement to sign him pending.

Should the Saints owe the Jets a second-round pick, they would not owe the Giants a 2009 second-round pick in 2009, instead owing them a first-round pick in 2010 from the Jeremy Shockey trade.

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