March 24, 2009

Compensatory picks announced, draft order set

With the release of the compensatory picks, the league has released the full seven round draft order.

We know now that the Saints will be drafting 116th and 118th in the fourth round and 222nd overall in the seventh round, pending any trades. 

We also know what the Saints paid for Jonathan Vilma and Jeremy Shockey.

The Saints are to give up the 45th overall and the 151st overall picks to the Giants for Shockey.

For Vilma, the Saints give up the 76th overall pick and get from the Jets the 118th pick.

The Saints traded this year's sixth round pick (187th overall) to the Packers for a pick in the seventh round of last year's draft, which turned into WR Adrian Arrington.

The Saints did not receive any compensatory draft picks. These picks, inserted at the end of rounds 3-7 of the draft, compensate teams for losses in free agency the previous offseason, calculated by a complex formula. The Saints are not expected to receive any compensatory picks.

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