July 30, 2009

Loomis: "That's going to create a real issue for us."

Saints GM Mickey Loomis' comments from the start of training camp really cement our thoughts about Malcolm Jenkins' imminent contract absense. (We'd say holdout, but some people in the media are anal about referring to absent players without contracts as "holdouts". For now, we'll play along even though Jenkins' lack of a "contract" hardly means he's free to play elsewhere this season.)

When asked if the 13th overall pick (Redskins LB Brian Orakpo) would help bracket the contract:
"Not if the deals are of the magnitude of increase of the few deals that I've seen done. That's going to create a real issue for us. We're not in that market. What you say is true, these draft picks are slotted, but I'm pessimistic about this year and the magnitude of some of the increases we've seen given where we're at economically. I'm pessimistic about that."
As for Jenkins' agent Ben Dogra:
"We've given them a proposal and they haven't gotten back to us... they have a lot of guys to do. .. We haven't gotten a proposal from them. So it's hard for me to be surprised at what they're asking for, because I don't know what they're asking for.
Indeed. And yet some will argue that agents aren't too powerful in the league... how is that an agent can act on his players' best interests when a multi-million dollar contract offer won't get responded to for going on a week? Change will come to the ruling class of agents when their clients (like Malcolm Jenkins) realize that an agent isn't acting in your best interests if he isn't negotiating for you the day before training camp... because he's too busy acting in the best interest of other clients.

Or, when the NFL picks up one of the NBA's good ideas and takes the negotiation out of first round pick contracts. Roger Goodell could learn a few from David Stern. (Just don't go changing the ball, Roger.)

As for the Derrius Heyward-Bey rookie contract massive rate hike:
"Yes, I'm surprised by the magnitude of increase on some of the deals, but it is what it is. ... Ten percent wouldn't scare me as much. Some of the numbers you are hearing are closer to 20 percent."
That ratcheting sound you hear is DHB's contract raising the roof. Saints fans need to be hoping that the Redskins are responsible and reasonable with Orakpo's deal.

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