July 26, 2009


What happened to the NewOrleansProFootball.com I've been visiting since 2002?
  • The core personnel, the franchise players per se, are still intact behind the scenes.
  • Kenny Wilkerson, WGSO sports talk host, longtime New Orleans sports journalist, Saints sideline voice and beat reporter, is still on the job for NOPF and is looking to be more active than ever.
  • The same dedication to giving you a bit more than just the news remains.
  • Our expository and detailed writing style isn't going away.
  • That style will be joined by more informal insight and commentary, maybe even some humor.
  • The NOPF forums are now served via story comments, moderated for quality by NOPF staff.
Why the sea change in format, delivery method and presentation?
  • Our new format focuses on news articles delivery with precision, detail and speed.
  • The blog-style technology will allow us to feed more news, more often.
  • RSS feeds allow users to pick up NOPF content on their phones, feed readers, and email.
  • So that NOPF can still be fun, accurate, up to date and respected resource for in depth news on the New Orleans Saints
I signed up for NOPF Fantasy Football on the old forums, how can I get in touch with the league commissioner?
  • Send us an email at the address below, we'll facilitate any communication necessary to get you up and running at ESPN Fantasy.
Where are the archives?
  • We will be updating the new blog site with NOPF archives over time and already have much of 2009 searchable in the new system. If you have any requests for story or information, send us an email at the address below.

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