July 30, 2009

Orakpo agrees to terms in Washington

According to the Redskins' official blog, first round pick and 13th overall selection LB Brian Orakpo from Texas has agreed to terms.

When details of this contract get to New Orleans, it will cap the value and guaranteed monies in the contract that CB Malcolm Jenkins is to receive. The Saints drafted Jenkins 14th overall in April.

Agent Ben Dogra represents both Orakpo and Jenkins, so he won't trump himself by exceeding Orakpo's numbers. On the other hand, it is because of Dogra's numerous first round clients that he hasn't even responded to Mickey Loomis' initial offer, made July 24th.

Ofcourse, the figures from Orakpo's contract will still impact Jenkins' deal. Loomis in his press conference today was "pessimistic" because some of the first round contracts being signed are paying the players whopping 20% increases from the contract signed by the same pick last year, increases that "scare" the Saints. It awaits to be seen if the Redskins gave Orakpo a similar exorbitant increase from last year.

Loomis has admitted "I think it’s going to be difficult."

But, with Dogra's client Orakpo under contract, it appears that the contract absence of Malcolm Jenkins will be finite and a countdown has already begun.

The 14th overall pick in 2008, Vanderbilt T Chris Williams and a Baton Rouge native, signed a five year, $13 million contract with the Bears that could be worth $16 million total with annual Pro Bowl bonuses and a final year escalator. Total guaranteed money is $9.2 million.

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