July 31, 2009

Orakpo numbers in, increase from 2008 is reasonable

The Redskins gave LB Brian Orakpo, the 13th overall pick from April, a five year deal worth $20 million total if all goes well and with $12.1 million in guaranteed money.

Orakpo missed one day of practices.

That contract represents a little more than a 12% increase in guaranteed money. That's on the high end of reasonable for a year-over-year increase from one draft pick's contract to the next at the same position.

That jump in contract value is far less drastic than the deal that Oakland gave to WR Derrius Heyward-Bey, which was roughly a 20% jump from Sedrick Ellis' 2008 contract.

The 13th overall pick in 2008, Oregon RB Jonathan Stewart, signed a contract with $10.8 million in guaranteed money that had a maximum potential value of $20 million.

Saints GM Mickey Loomis expressed pessimism and frustration with the "magnitude of increase" seen in the first few first round contracts signed around the league, not mentioning Heyward-Bey's specifically.

Saints first round pick Malcolm Jenkins remains unsigned and out of camp on the first day of live practices.

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