August 8, 2009

Closed scrimmage indoors in Metairie

The public is not invited - the Saints couldn't host the expected turnout at their headquarters - to today's Black and Gold scrimmage, a bizarre decision considering that tens of thousands of fans might have filled any number of stadiums around the region.

The Saints broke from annual tradition and decided to hold their scrimmage in private, at their headquarters, during the day.

The scrimmage will have radio coverage.

Perhaps its just as well, fans would not get to see some of the team's biggest stars and newcomers - safety Darren Sharper and runningback Reggie Bush are among those who will not participate. Receivers Lance Moore and Adrian Arrington, tight end Dan Campbell, and cornerback Randall Gay will also sit.

Sharper's injury is an inflammation of the bursa sac, a pocket of cushioning in the interior of the knee, a condition known as bursitis. It is not serious and temporary, it is treated with anti-inflammatories and despite being painful is not a problem.

Rain is also forecast, so the event has been moved to the indoor facility at Saints headquarters in Metairie.

The format of the scrimmage will include special teams work, the first team offense against the second team defense and the second team offense against the first team defense.

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