August 23, 2009

Notes and Reaction from Saturday night

  • CB Malcolm Jenkins has got to learn to play the ball. He didn't look for the pass in the air. He tweeted last night, "they got me today, i lost my NFL virginity, but it happens we had a great win and thats all that matters". That's fine and funny, but a couple points. One, its preseason, winning doesn't matter, player development does. Two, the last time the Saints spent a first round pick on a cornerback, Alex Molden, they also got a cornerback who wouldn't play the ball. Molden wouldn't locate the ball in the air, instead reacting far too late and often drawing a penalty. Jenkins, learn from history or become it.
  • In case you missed it, check out the NFL highlight video. Rod Harper might have high-stepped his way into the end zone, but on his touchdown catch, Mike Bell was fare more demure about his flagrant taunting. Holding the ball in his left arm, he gave pursuing Texans LB Xavier Abidi a wave goodbye... before he crossed the 15 yard line.
  • Marques Colston had a fantastic block on that play. He rode cornerback he was blocking right into the scrum, where he was blasted by his teammate Antwuan Molden, taking both defenders out. A couple super savvy hop steps by Bell and the entire right side of the field was his. Colston is looking fantastic so far this preseason.
  • This game was played dirty. LB Buster Davis' cheap shot on Harrington is one of the most huge non-calls we've ever seen in pro football. What, is this wrestling? He went from standing to putting his shoulder into prone Harrington's head on the ground. The quarterback left the game with a concussion and may be limited this week in practice.
  • Not that it was cheap or dirty or uncalled for, but Saints DE Bobby McCray just buried Texans center Chris Meyers on Jabari Greer's second quarter interception return. Bounced him off the turf.
  • The Saints have broken camp, meaning that players aren't staying in the team hotel and two-a-days are over. The Saints will practice on Monday in the Superdome, then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at their headquarters. On Friday, the Saints will fly to Oakland where they play the Raiders at 3pm on Saturday.

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