August 27, 2009

Rookie Morstead apparently wins punter competition

Rookie punter Thomas Morstead, the Saints' fifth round pick in April, has apparently won the starting punter job.

Before their long travel to an away game in Oakland this Saturday, the Saints made two transactions, waiving last season's starting punter veteran Glenn Pakulak and WR Paris Warren.

Warren was all along a long shot to make the roster.

Pakulak was a mid-season acquisition for the Saints at punter who turned out very well after the Saints cut Steve Weatherford before their London trip. Australian Ben Graham was signed to punt for the Saints in their one game in the UK against the Chargers, and waived after the game. Pakulak was signed the next week and performed well. In this competition, it was likely Morstead's sheer power that won the job.

The timing of the moves was a nod to the players, giving them time to catch on with another team and not wasting their weekend on a long flight to and from Oakland.

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