August 5, 2009

Wilkerson: Camp Rolling but Some Things Just Don't Fly

Kenny Wilkerson reporting:

Week 1 is just about in the books and the Saints have gotten through some tough days of work without any major injuries. A sign of things to come? Let's hope so.

Drew Brees has been lights out as everyone expected; with him, look out. Without him? Look out. Reggie has been impressive as he should be, and all indications are that Jeremy Shockey is 100% healthy. How many different ways can you say that if they stay intact that the Saints have the most prolific offense in football right now? Here's too some good luck for a change and the injury bug stay away this year. We'll see.

Now, let's get to a few things that need to be said.

First... Sean Payton informed the media and the fans last week that the decision to get a new long snapper was because of the velocity of the snaps by Kevin Houser. Not even Angela Hill believed this one but Payton stuck to his story. Ok no problem with sticking to your guns but to insult the intelligence of people is another thing.

And, Saints first round pick Malcom Jenkins still remains in holdout heaven. Even though the players in front and back of him are in camp with their respected teams.

When things like this happen you never can be sure who is to blame, the agent or the team.

That was cleared up by GM Mickey Loumis when he said that agents are refusing to acknowledge the tough economic times the country is having.

Folks this is what is referred to as "cow manure." The economy may be tough even in this city but not with the Saints.

Consider all tickets being sold and all suites being sold.

Consider that Tom Benson is not only buying TV stations and movie studios, but buildings in the CBD.

Consider that Mr. Benson is selling his 20 million dollar airplane and buying a new 40 million dollar plane. He also is moving up in the yachting world. A new 148 foot boat is being built for Mr Benson right now to the tune of about 50 million. The 122 footer just won't do anymore.

Now this is not to say that Mr Benson shouldn't enjoy his money and I think he outta buy anything he wants. But the GM can't moan about the economy and hard headed agents when the boss is spending like it's free. Just more to consider.


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