September 9, 2009

Clarifying PT's other knee injury

In addition to a minor knee ligament sprain in his knee suffered in Houston, Pierre Thomas is also dealing with stitches in the knee from a household accident.

How did it happen?

Here's what Sean Payton said today:
Over the weekend, he was chasing his dog in his backyard, had to climb a fence and he caught a portion of his right knee and he has six stitches. That’s really not the issue with him. We’re still working with his knee. We’ll see where he’s at tomorrow; I’m optimistic that we’re going to get him some work tomorrow. That’s the plan right now.
Here's what Thomas sent in four Twitter messages today:
TO ALL MY FANS: I was not chasing my dog or dogs when I cut my knee. My dog was stuck in my neighbors yard and I heard him yelping... went to help, his leash was all tangled and when I squeezed through the gate I cut my knee on a piece of the fence. It is nothing serious.. ...just a few stitches which will not keep me from playing. I am peparing [sic] for the Lions on Sunday and waiting for the thumbs up from the Saints. Who Dat ready to ROCK THE DOME!!
Thomas is listed as questionable for this Sunday's season opener in the Superdome.

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