September 15, 2009

Commish "not prepared to treat players differently when the same conduct is involved”

Charles Grant and Will Smith will not be suspended this week.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has postponed the suspensions of the two Saints players for now, not giving a time frame, and citing the "good of the game ahead of questions of discipline."

As we wrote when it happened, a Minnesota court ruling has prevented the league from enforcing suspensions on two Vikings defensive linemen, Kevin and Pat Williams, who were both initially suspended by the league for the same offense: taking an NFL-approved supplement Starcaps that did not list an illegal ingredient: bumetanide.

It is completely within the purview of the commissioner to enforce the suspensions of Smith and Grant, as they are not directly covered by the Williams' legal battle. The case in Minnesota not hinges on interpretation of a Minnesota state law for which Louisiana has no parallel.

We applaud the commissioner's decision to turn an ugly legal situation - which challenges the very right of the NFL to drug test its players - into a fair situation.

UPDATE: Link to the full announcement here.

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