September 3, 2009

Game Night

Its the preseason finale in the Superdome, the third straight year the Saints and Dolphins cap their exhibition seasons against eachother.

Starters for the Saints should play a series, if at all. What is ununsual is that Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano looks to buck the league trend and play his starters longer than usual in the preseason finale. This outcome will likely lead to a victory for the Dolphins tonight, based on sheer talent on the field. Not that it matters, but the Saints have never gone undefeated in preseason before, ever.

One other interesting note for tonight's game: CBS Sports' Leslie Visser will be in the broadcast booth doing color analysis for the Saints-Dolphins game for the Dolphins TV network. The significance of this is that Visser will be the first woman to do color analysis for an NFL game, even if it is preseason.

Starting runningbacks Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush will not play tonight. Thomas had been ruled out earlier but Bush was a maybe through the week. It makes sense - there is no need to press their luck when dealing with Bush.

Safeties Usama Young and Chip Vaughn are also out. Vaughn may be headed towards injured reserve.

LT Jammal Brown, TE Darnell Dinkins and DE Charles Grant are also expected to miss the game. Dinkins is the only one who really needed the game, his fate in Saturday's roster cuts will be determined on his play earlier in the preseason.

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