September 20, 2009

Injuries in Philly

The Saints have picked up some injuries today in Philadelphia:

  • WR Lance Moore left the game early with a hamstring problem.

  • In the fourth quarter, RB Mike Bell went down holding his right knee. Bell has been wonderful on the day, rushing for 86 yards on 17 carries and having just ripped off a 16-yarder. He was able to walk off under his own power.

  • Reggie Bush entered the game for Bell and rushed for seven yards, one of the better plays for Bush on a day when he has failed to see two passes in the flat coming his way and lost six yards on a bad backwards-running punt return. Later in that drive, Reggie blasted up the middle for a touchdown for a 19-yard rushing touchdown to put the Saints up 41-20. That touchdown run was by far the best play of Bush's season so far.

  • Pierre Thomas is healthy and made a brief appearance in the game but has not been used but the once.

  • UPDATE: Early reports are an MCL sprain for Mike Bell, the same injury Pierre Thomas suffered against Houston in preseason. That diagnosis will be confirmed with an MRI on Monday.

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