September 10, 2009

LB Jermon Bushrod will start through October

Saints Pro Bowl LT Jammal Brown has undergone hip surgery. The Saints are being fairly tight-lipped as to exactly what the injury was, but Brown had left the team on Monday to get it looked at.

The recovery time from the hip problem is expected to be longer than the recovery time of the sports hernia from last month, pushing his expected healthy return to the field back to the end of October, according to Fox Sports.

UPDATE: The Times-Picayune newspaper website (they have website because their newspaper can't play Jeff Duncan's home videos... yet) is reporting that the surgery is on Friday and has a six-week recovery time that will overlap the three-week old hernia surgery.

This means that Jermon Bushrod will be starting for the Saints at the most crucial of offensive line positions. Bushrod will make his first start on Sunday against the Lions, indeed, his first significant playing time ever.

A former fourth round pick of the Saints in 2007 out of lower-tier football program Towson, Bushrod is a superior physical specimen who has been a project of the Saints for the past two years.

Bushrod is suddenly the most important member of a ho-hum 2007 draft class of the Saints. Of the players from that class still on the roster, none are starters - first round pick WR Robert Meachem and his Tennessee teammate seventh round pick Marvin Mitchell are stuck in backup roles though Meachem has the potential to start soon. Third round pick Usama Young has moved from cornerback to free safety but doesn't look to have unseated starter veteran Darren Sharper, though he may next year with Sharper's blessing and tutelage.

Bushrod, who had appeared in only three games in two seasons, is now starting at a critical position on the offensive line and replacing the sturdy shoes of a Pro Bowler, with the health of the Saints' franchise, Drew Brees, at his feet.

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