September 15, 2009

Saints make transaction to bring back Roby that doesn't include Grant or Smith

The Saints, as previous announced, have re-signed WR/KR Courtney Roby.

Roby ostensibly will take over the kickoff return duties from Robert Meachem, who made his first and probably last kickoff return attempts in week one.

The big news is that Roby has been added at the expense of backup TE Buck Ortega... not starting defensive ends Will Smith or Charles Grant.

We're still waiting on word from the NFL regarding their suspensions in light of last week's federal appeals court rulings in Minnesota.

But news that the Saints have added a needed player, and didn't add him via the roster spots left vacant by two suspended players, may be all the indication we need that Smith and Grant will not be suspended in week two.

Grant, meanwhile, is still limited by a preseason hamstring injury, says the TP's Jeff Duncan.

The Saints also made the announcement of a practice squad transaction: dropped WR Matt Simon for free agent TE Tyler Lorenzen.

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