September 13, 2009

Wrapup notes: nemesis McNabb has cracked rib

  • Eagles QB Donovan McNabb is 3-1 against the Saints, with eight touchdowns to one interception. Today in Carolina, McNabb fractured a rib in his team's romp over the Panthers, and initial prognosis is that he is doubtful. That means the Saints will likely face QB Kevin Kolb, with Michael Vick still suspended.

    Should Kolb start against the Saints, it would be his first career start. Kolb has attempted passes in four games during his two seasons, only one of which was part of significant playing action, and that was a two-interception performance in a 36-7 loss to Baltimore last November.

    Fortunately for the Eagles, their former QB Jeff Garcia is on the free agent market, as is AJ Feeley, who they cut last weekend.
  • The other big personnel news could be the Starcaps suspensions of starting defensive ends Will Smith and Charles Grant. Turns out, the league might realize how ridiculous this situation has become, and postpone their suspensions until the pending legal action in Minnesota is resolved, according to a report at profootballtalk.

    Note, the NFL is well within their legal rights to suspend Smith and Grant on Tuesday. The decision to delay their suspensions, again, would be out of the kindness of commissioner's heart.

  • Saints CB Leigh Torrence reported via Twitter that his in-game injury was minor.

  • Tough day for former Saint and Louisiana native Jake Delhomme. A classy, good guy and a favorite of south Louisiana fans despite stinging the Saints since his departure.

  • Its very ominous that Commissioner Goodell said the owners are prepared for an uncapped season next year. The game will never be the same if the salary cap vanishes. Hopefully it is just tough talk. He then said, "I'm not one for rhetoric," which hopefully is just tough talk.

    A note to DeMaurice Smith, Goodell and the NFL owners: destroying the most popular, successful and recognizable league in the history of western sports is not a victory for anyone. Everyone will lose.

    Big kudos to Bob Costas for asking some very pointed, very tough and very direct questions to Goodell on NBC's pregame show Sunday night. If only Costas reported on politics.

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