October 25, 2009

Saints stopped on opening drive for first time in Miami

The Dolphins have stopped the Saints on their opening drive without points. That's the first time the Saints have been held without points, only the second time they've been held without a touchdown.

The first drive went like this:

1st and 10 at Saints 27 : 14 yard connection to Colston over the middle.
1st and 10 at Saints 41 : Brees hurried, outlet pass to Colston on quick hook, dropped.
2nd and 10 at Saints 41 : Screen to TE David Thomas dropped for one yard loss.
3rd and 11 at Saints 40 : Strike to Colston over the middle for first down and more with running room was whistled dead late, false start on RT Jon Stinchcomb.
3rd and 16 at Saints 35 : Screen pass to rumbling Pierre Thomas gains 14 yards.
4th and 2 at Saints 49 : Saints line up in punt formation - without a punter. Dolphins call a quick timeout to snuff out the fake.
4th and 2 at Saints 49 : Saints punt.

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