November 9, 2009

Saints notes day after record-setting win

The Saints are not just 8-0, but they are riding atop power rankings and officially off to the best start in team history.

But can they make it the best finish in team history? Only way to do that is to play another game in Miami.
  • We have to really disagree with the NY Times' Andy Benoit's assessment of the Saints this past weekend, and not just his bad misspelling of Jermon Bushrod's name.
    "New Orleans’s only offensive weakness is at tackle. The callow Jerrod Bushrod has poor technique on the left side. Gritty Jon Stinchcomb has inferior foot speed on the right. This in mind ... ... Peppers had just one tackle and recorded just one hit on Drew Brees."
    Bushrod may be young, but he isn't prone to immature mistakes. Between his own merit, the Saints' willingness to help him out with tight ends and chip blocks, and a fast-armed Drew Brees, Bushrod has played exceedingly well against some of the best the NFL has to offer since the bye week, in order: Julius Peppers, John Abraham, Jason Taylor, Osi Umenyiora. He hasn't been perfect, but Bushrod has more than held his own.

    As for Stinchcomb's inferior foot speed? He doesn't look slow every time he gets out in space or escorts a runningback to the pylon, like this, or this, or this, or this.
  • The Saints continued to look at free agent defensive lineman, and there were some familiar names in the list.

    Free agent DT Chartric "Chuck" Darby was targeted by the Saints in the offseason of 2005 but he signed with Seattle after spending four seasons playing against the Saints with Tampa Bay. Darby was a Lion at the beginning of this season but has since been cut.

    Free agent DL Orpheus Roye, 36, made his first NFL start in 1996 with the Steelers, spent four years in Pittsburgh and then eight more in Cleveland, playing both 3-4 DE and 4-3 DT. He played sparingly with the Steelers last season and was worked out by the Steelers this past month but remains a free agent.

    Free agent DT Rodney Leisle (pronounced LES-ley) was drafted by the Saints in the fifth round of the 2004 draft out of UCLA and has bounced around the league, including a stint in the CFL, since. He has been to training camp with Arizona and the Giants in the past two offseasons but hasn't played in a game since he recorded a tackle in the Saints' 2006 regular season finale.

  • Post-game tweets:

    Chase Daniel wrote: "The Fam is in town, big win! Can't wait to show them all over Nola! 8-0!"

    Anthony Hargrove wrote: "
    Oh My Lord....when the Saints when come marching in..oh when the saints come marching in....8-0"

    Pierre Thomas wrote: "
    Looking forward to the day off tomorrow. Gotta GQ photoshoot - not sure when it will hit the stands, but I'll keep ya'll updated!"

    Malcolm Jenkins wrote: "
    IDA.... seriously ?...i thought hurricane season was over... Im from New Jersey im not used to this stuff"

    Jeremy Shockey wrote: "
    well just took a nap now just going to get some food!!! how about those SAINTS $$$$$$$$"

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