December 23, 2009

DB Young has sports hernia surgery

What do Jeremy Shockey, Jammal Brown, Will Smith, Jonathan Vilma, Jabari Greer, and now Usama Young have in common?

All have suffered a sports hernia and had surgery because of it.

Defensive back Usama Young, hopping between free safety/cornerback all season long in a valuable, versatile role for the Saints, is the latest. The Saints have not yet placed him on injured reserve, with the hopes of a healthy return in time for a late playoff run.

Like Greer, however, there is a definite chance that Young just won't be the same until next season.

Young, moved from cornerback to free safety in the 2009 offseason, has nevertheless played cornerback for a defense where cornerbacks have been atomized by injuries. Only one cornerback on the Saints starting 53-man roster has survived the season unscathed so far: CB Malcolm Jenkins, who has been forced into a starting role and victimized more than once.

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