December 24, 2009

John Carney (retired?) takes non-roster job with Saints as a kick-game consultant

Veteran placekicker John Carney, released this past week by the Saints from the 53-man roster, has been picked up by a different organization. The Saints' coaching staff.

Carney, 45, has been hired as a non-playing consultant for the team's kicking game. Twenty-five days ago he was in uniform kicking for the Saints, now he has essentially accepted a post-career job with the Saints organization off the roster.

Does this mean he's retired? Probably. But as Carney and other 40+ kickers have proven over the years, there is no real age cap for a guy who can consistently kick an oblong inflated pigskin through two yellow poles.

As part of his employment, Carney is not allowed to sign with another NFL team this season.

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