January 17, 2010

Saints to face Vikings in NFC Championship game in Superdome on Sunday

Sunday, January 24, will be the biggest game in franchise history.

The Saints will play the Minnesota Vikings, who have twice dismissed the Saints in playoff appearances of the past (1987 and 2000), and their controversial quarterback Brett Favre of Kiln, Mississippi, all for the right to go to Miami for Super Bowl 44.

The game will be played at 5:40 PM central and televised on FOX.

It is the first time the Superdome has hosted a conference championship game.

Favre demands so much media attention and talk that the national eye will point much attention to him this week. Certainly Saints captain MLB Jonathan Vilma, whose parents are from Haiti, will also find microphones in his face.

The #2 seed Vikings destroyed the #3 seed Dallas on Sunday in their divisional matchup, dismantling Tony Romo and the Cowboys to the tune of 34-3. In that sense, both the Vikings and Saints arrive at this collision with a head of steam and confidence.

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