February 10, 2010

Estimated 800,000 people party in New Orleans for Saints Championship Parade

The biggest party - and that's saying something - in New Orleans history is under way. It began Sunday night.

It hit a peak on Tuesday night, when an estimated 800,000 people celebrated the Saints' championship parade in front of an international television audience.

It may not end for a week. Mardi Gras, perhaps the biggest and most famous annual party on the continent, wraps up on February 16. Many Saints and owner Tom Benson will be riding again as kings of the biggest parades.

We can only speculate how many of Super Bowl XLIV MVP QB Drew Brees' throws were on target to receivers in the crowd, but we imagine it was at or better than his league-record of 70.6%.

The entire Saints organization rode a dozen borrowed floats in a zigzag through downtown, including a toast from the mayor and the governor, in the biggest gathering in the city's history that was organized in less than three weeks' time.

Can New Orleans party or what?

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