March 5, 2010

Sharper still local, Evans sticking, Fujita leaving?

Darren Sharper is an unrestricted free agent and no hard news yet, but he is scheduled to sign copies of NFL Film's Super Bowl XLIV DVD on Tuesday, March 9th in Slidell. It would be awkward if he wasn't a Saint at that point.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting two Saints bits:
  • Saints starting right guard Jahri Evans could be landing a blockbuster deal, in terms of offensive guards anyway, soon.

  • Unrestricted free agent LB Scott Fujita, who lives in downtown New Orleans near Sharper and has been a mainstay on defense, is heading to Cleveland for a visit with the Browns.
The visit is just a step in the process of letting the market determine Fujita's value. It is apparently the Saints' strategy with both Fujita and Sharper- wait for the first offer to come in, then decide whether or not to match it.

For both players, the Saints may not need to beat or match the offer, but come close enough.

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