March 9, 2010

Turley's soul still "Bleeds Black and Gold"

Former Saints offensive tackle Kyle Turley, a 1998 first round pick of the Mike Ditka era, has released his first solo album under the artist name "Turley".

The 12th track on the rock/country album is "My Soul Bleeds Black and Gold" and features the lyrics "Gotta get back to New Orleans/ to their Superdome and the fleur di lis/ I got an itch for a cajun bead/ and you can find me on Bourbon Street".

A starter at both right and left tackle through the Haslett regime, and infamous for his helmet-throwing brawl in defense of Aaron Brooks, Turley was traded to St. Louis in 2004 for a second round pick, a choice that would be wasted by the Saints on bust Notre Dame LB Courtney Watson.

In post-NFL life, Turley has been near the front of the NFL Player union's fight for retiree benefits because Turley appears on the path for serious neurological problems because of his playing time.

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