May 7, 2010

Saints post-draft minicamp underway at Metairie Headquarters

The Saints' 2010 draft class, undrafted rookie free agents and 40+ other street free agents tryouts are sweating through the Saints' post-draft minicamp.

This minicamp is only for rookies and other first year players the Saints want to evaluate, as well as a host of tryouts under evaluation.

In the past, the Saints have used this minicamp, the closest thing to a annual tryout, to pick up key role players.  TE Billy Miller and WR Jamal Jones found their way onto the team starting with this annual "rookie" minicamp.

Last year, draft pick LB Stanley Arnoux tore his Achilles during the Saints' post draft minicamp, ending his rookie season almost as soon as he put on his Saints pads.  Arnoux is not participating in this year's rookie minicamp, though he is fully recovered from the injury. WR John Halman, a tryout player from Concordia College, also suffered a season-ending injury in the Saints' 2009 first minicamp.

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