May 3, 2010

Wilkerson: It's not the crime, it's the coverup

The Saints have found themselves in hot water.

Here's what WIST's and NOPF's Kenny Wilkerson can confirm at this time.

Former Saints director of security Geoff Santini has sued the Saints, alleging that senior staff members abused and covered up the abuse of Vicodin stolen from the Saints' training room. 

Santini sued essentially for lost wages, for the money he would have had coming to him per his contract and his expected earnings through his retirement.  Santini resigned because he felt the Saints were asking him to commit multiple felonies.

The Saints never had the option to "buy" the silence of Santini, who resigned before the season in August of 2009.  That was the first indication that something was amiss in the organization.

Santini before the 2009 season sought out US Attorney Jim Letten and NFL Security for advice on how to handle the evidence that he had uncovered.

That evidence will prove Mickey Loomis' involvement in the cover up attempt. 

Saints head trainer Scottie Patton waited roughly four months before coming to management with the ongoing problem of missing Vicodin pills.  Santini was made aware of the issue and was instructed to conduct an investigation.

The Saints underestimated Santini's ability, and were shocked that he discovered Sean Payton's and Joe Vitt's involvement in the missing Vicodin.  It was at that time that Loomis directed Santini to lose the evidence. 

The Saints have declined to return phone calls and messages from WIST's and NOPF's Kenny Wilkerson.

Wilkerson speculates that more to this story is expected to come, and this story is just scratching the surface of other possible wrongdoings at Saints headquarters, and that news brought to light by the lawsuit may result in fines, suspensions and dismissals of individuals involved in this case.

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