June 6, 2010

Louisiana Legislature adopted resolutions encouraging NFL, Union to "resolve their labor differences"

Last month the House and Senate united on resolutions to encourage the NFL and its union to resolve their labor differences.

The resolutions, passed separately by House and Senate, were sponsored by New Orleans state representative Neil Abramson (D) and Evangeline state senator Eric LaFleur (D).

The house resolution starts with: "To urge and request team owners of the National Football League and the representatives of the National Football League Players Association to work diligently and quickly to resolve their labor differences."  Both resolutions detail how successful the NFL has been, points out that the taxpayers of Louisiana have invested in the league, and lists the various negative effects of a potential work stoppage. 

For example, the Senate resolution states: "a work stoppage in the National Football League would have a detrimental impact on countless Louisiana businesses, including restaurants, bars, transportation companies, hotels, and other travel related businesses and therefore would reduce tax revenue and jobs for our state."

The full texts of the resolutions is online at the Louisiana Legislature websites: House and Senate.

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