June 14, 2010

RFA's to sign one-year deals, but want long-term deals

RB Pierre Thomas, WR Lance Moore and S Roman Harper are expected to sign their restricted free agent offers, one-year deals, before the end of the day. 

On June 15, NFL team around the league can make the Final League Year hurt players even more.

Restricted free agents who have been tendered but whom have not signed can have their tender offers lowered to near minimum.  It is a harsh reality of the labor unrest in the NFL.  The tender can be lowered to 10% over the prior year salary, which for undrafted free agents like RB Pierre Thomas and WR Lance Moore means even less than their restricted free agent tenders of $1.684 million and $1.759 million respectively.

The Saints have one of the highest counts of restricted free agents this bizarre offseason, including offensive keys RB Pierre Thomas and WR Lance Moore and defensive starter SS Roman Harper.  The Saints could have reduced Thomas's and Harper's restricted free agent tenders to less than a million.

All three, Thomas, Moore and Harper, are expected to sign before the July 15 deadline.

Thomas announced his signing via twitter: "I'm back for another year Saints fans! signed my tender today...hopefully we can get a long term deal done before the season. #dowork"

The Saints' target for the next long-term contract is Thomas, whose tone has changed in regards to participating in voluntary workouts.

Earlier this offseason, the Saints signed G Jahri Evans, another restricted free agent, to a new long-term deal.  It is one of the richest for an NFL guard.

LT Jammal Brown, who did not play because of injury last year, is not expected to sign his tender.  Brown's $3.619 restricted free agent tender offer is already at its lowest point considering his 2009 salary.

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