July 28, 2010

Saffold, McCourty sign, Robinson's floor is set

The floor and cap for the contract of 32nd overall pick Patrick Robinson is in place.

The Saints, who typically wait for their top picks to be bracketed by the contracts of those picks around him, are expected to speed up contract talks just in their infancy.  Essentially, they let other teams do the heavy lifting for them, squeezing their contract offer into place.

St. Louis Rams 33rd overall pick Rodger Saffold, an offensive tackle from the University of Indiana, signed a four year, $6.3 million deal with $3.9 million in guaranteed money.

Patriots DB Devin McCourty, five picks ahead of Robinson, signed a five year, $13.2 million deal with $7.825 million guaranteed.

The Saints may continue wait for Jets CB Kyle Wilson, the 29th overall pick, to sign.

That would tighten up the numbers for Robinson and the Saints' negotiating tag team of Khai Harley and Mickey Loomis.

As we've discussed previously, and almost every July since our birth, the Saints typically do allow their top pick to miss camp time.  Since 1999, the only picks that have been in camp on time for their first team meetings are RB Ricky Williams in 1999 and WR Robert Meachem.in 2007.

Last year, CB Malcolm Jenkins missed nine days of camp.  In 2008, DT Sedrick Ellis missed more than a dozen practices.

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