July 28, 2010

Saints sign 3rd round pick TE Graham

TE Jimmy Graham has agreed to terms on his rookie contract, a four-year deal that will ensure he is under contract for the start of team meetings tomorrow.

Graham is the fifth of sixth 2010 draft picks to sign, all signing four year contracts.

Only first round pick Patrick Robinson remains unsigned.

Graham, a feel-good story from hard knocks Goldsboro, NC, graduated from the University of Miami with four years of basketball and a year of football under his belt.  A fearless, physical forward who soaked up fouls for the Hurricanes, Graham spent his final year of eligibility as a pass-receiving tight end.  He's still learning the position, and has played in ten football games since his freshman year of high school.

The Saints drafted Graham at the end of the third round, with a pick that had been pre-destined before the draft.

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